Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Big Fat Scary Adventure

I know that you are wondering what is happening.
I fly out on Wed night (1 Feb 06) for my new big fat scary adventure.
My training is 4-8 Feb and then I am off to Cambodia on a training trip on 16 Feb.
It starts in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam and goes thru Cambodia and then into Bangkok.
It is a 9 day adventure. My second trip is the reverse.
If you want to check it out on the internet go to http://www.intrepidtravel.com/ and put KSD in the trip code on the left side of the page.


At 7:13 am, Anonymous Dave said...

Have fun !!!!!!

At 3:06 am, Blogger Julia said...

You think it's a big fat scary adventure for you? We're sitting here in normality reading all these exciting tales and our everyday adventures will pale into the ether in comparison!!! Enjoy every second and we wait for the next installment...Jules, Jeff, Keira and Talia xxxx(and of course Miles x)

At 7:48 am, Anonymous Louise said...

Can't wait to hear more. miss you on our side! you go girl! Louise, Greg, Brianne and Madison


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