Thursday, March 30, 2006

Party time

I am in Phnom Pehn today and the city, like the rest of Asia is gearing up for their New Year celebrations which happen for the first 2 weeks of April...should be fun!

So last night I was out with a passenger and we found some people gathered on the riverside who looked like they were having fun, so we went over to investigate. We found a hundred or more gathered around playing a very simple game where a male and female came to the centre and one had to grab a small tree branch and try and make it back to the circle before being caught by the other. It reminded me of games we played in Guides and Scouts.

Then we went back to our hotel which has a casino and we went in to have a look, it was closed, but we found all the female staff dancing on a small stage to some horrid Cambodian music. Well, there was no escaping from there, we were invited to join the dancing and it created much amusement for the young ladies. Yeah, you guessed it, I can't dance, especially Cambodian style!


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Photos :-)


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