Saturday, July 29, 2006

Another trip down

I am back in Bangkok now (29 July) after finishing my third 29 day trip in a row. I have another one starting on 5/8, so it sure one way to make sure that time flies.

I haven't been able to get the text to work, so what I was trying to say earlier is that it is already one year since I left Centrelink, and look where I am now!

About the road in Laos. We were driving in the bus from Vientiane in Laos to our homestay. After about 5 hours of driving, we came across a huge gap in the road where the bridge used to be. Apparently a logging truck was just that bit too heavy and the bridge gave up. So the only way to get across was to drive through the river. As you can see from the photos, this was ok if you had a big bus or truck, we have a mini bus, about 21 seater, and it was too deep for us. Our guide arranged for the digger thing to tow us, but it also gave up after it had towed a number of mini vans across. It continued to rain and after an initial fall in water level, it started to rise again and after about 2 hours, the guide and I decided that it wasn't safe to try and cross. So off we headed back to Vientiane, stopping for dinner and eventually arriving about 11pm. Yep, you guessed it, 11 not so happy pax and even more unhappy when I told them that they had to pay for the airfare to Hanoi and claim it on their insurance. Still, a better option that getting washed away.

The other photos are monks at Chang Mai, motorbike ride in Hue, meat market in Hue, boat on the Mekong in Laos and elephant ride in Chang Mai. The next ones are me on China Beach in Vietnam, sunset on Halong Bay, Vietnam, people at a temple in Vientiane and kids in Hue.


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