Thursday, June 15, 2006

Elephant racing

Two posts in one day -sorry won't happen again.

But I thought that I should tell you about the elephant racing. In typical holiday style we arrived 15 mins late (pax was sick, wasn't my fault) and then the 2 that I went with got distracted by yet another tailor so missed it all anyway. I headed to the beach and managed to see the tail end (so to speak) of 2 elephants hurtling...well..ok...trotting down the beach. Then they had winners ceremonies. Just when I was cursing my bad luck for missing the races, they headed off again up the beach. There was lots of commentary in Vietnamese (nope, didn't understand a word of it) and finally in a swirl of sand, the elephants thundered down the beach again, arriving, it seemed to me, about the same time. I hope they had a camera for the photo finish! Then they went back and did it all again.

So that my friends, is elephant racing, Vietnamese style.


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