Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Cocktail Party

The Intrepid IndoChina Office opened officially on 15 April, so those of us in HCM City were invited to attend. I went along in my best frock and my teva sandles and had some very nice Chilian red wine and some canapes, thanks to the company. Yeah a freebie.

The other guests, such as hotel managers and other travel operators sent these huge flower arrangements, like big one that were on a stand, something you expect to see on an alter at a wedding at home. One had about 30 red roses in it, so I asked how much it would have cost. About A$30 was the answer, it would have been closer to A$100 at home!

Then I went for dinner with a friend from Wollongong who just arrived in Viet Nam to do an Intrepid tour. I am meeting another one next time I am in HCM so they are coming out of the wood work.

Now getting ready to do my training trip on the Indo China Loop through Thailand, Laos and Viet Nam, for 3 weeks, and then I will pick up some pax in HCM City and take them to Cambodia. It is all go go go here!

2 people just left this morning to ride on their pushbikes to India, crazy people.


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