Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Sus sdei Chanam Thmei

That is 'Happy New Year' in Khmer (Cambodian). Yes the celebrations continue in Cambodia, just warming up to the biggest day of the year...14th April. Real shame I will be in Viet Nam then.

Luckily, they like to start early, so we have been out dancing in the street with the locals. They love us too as we are the only westerners there, so they were all fighting about who would dance with us. The kids were the worst, girls and boys having punch ups over us! Must say, I enjoyed the attention!

Last night there was a TV camera out, and of course I was the only westerner dancing at the time, my pax were still standing in the wings laughing, so I got filmed for a while. I was told the camera had ABC on the side, so you Aussies should check out the news and see if I turn up...that would be hilarious. I get ABC Asia Pacific here, so I should rush back to the hotel and see if I made the news! The pax eventually got dragged into the mellee for dancing.

New Year in Cambodia is nothing like at home. There is very little alcohol involved, they just dance all these traditional dances, you know the ones that I can't do, and move around in a giant circle around either the speakers or some other object. It is a real laugh. On NY's Day, they go to their families for a quiet day, make an offering to Buddha and then let lose on day 2 & 3 of the festival. Letting lose involves an all in water fight...for 2 days...don't go out if you don't want to get wet!

I really wish I was there, getting wet would be awesome as it is so hot here. The humidity is a killer at the moment, I am dripping like wet washing every time I leave the aircon. Yesterday I went to a department store just to get some aircon!


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