Monday, April 03, 2006

Last night I went out with the ex-groupies, funny the biggest night that we had all tour and the tour was finished. I started by meeting the 2 guys at the markets and I convinced Paul to bargain for me for a bag, he got it for half price, 60,000 dong, about AUD5.20. (And then he paid for it too!) It is a satchel type bag as the one that I brought with me is too small to fit in a water bottle and a book and all the other rubbish I find that I need to carry around.

Then we had lunch, pho of course and we ate fresh spring rolls from the market. Then we cruised the shops looking for an ipod for Paul's wife and then coffee and finally to the Sheraton where the boys had booked a room each for the night to celebrate Darren's birthday.

There is a big procession with a band and stuff going on outside, just asked a Viet leader, he said it is a funeral. Looked very Salvos to me.

At the Sheraton I snuck into their pool, and you should see the change rooms, wow, sauna, showers, hairdryers the works. Then I borrowed Darren's room and had a bath with lots and lots of bubbles and then sat around in the bathrobe for ages and watched a great electrical storm hit the city. Apparently the lightening hit my hotel and took out the power and the girls had to walk down 10 flights of stairs and the basement was flooded and the shower stank of sewerage, then they went to get their laundry and had to go by cyclo as the water in the streets was knee deep!! It didn't take too long to clear, but I missed all this drama as I was watching it from the 19th floor of the Sheraton.

Then when the boys got back from their massage we went to happy hour on 23rd floor of the Sheraton, have to love that, 2 cocktails for the price of one. It also has an excellent view over all the city which is great at night. After a while the ladies showed up and we had dinner, then back to the Sheraton for more cocktails and dancing at the nightclub. Finally left about midnight after we all went and googled over the Executive Rooms that the boys had for the night.

Big night in Ho Chi Minh city. Today I am flying back to Bangkok to do this same trip again starting on Thur 6 April.


At 10:19 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey Kid!!

Great to read I jealous or wot!!!

Luv Rose


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