Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Holiday...or work???

Can't decide really...I am on a training trip. This means sit back, act like a passenger most of the time, and occasionally ask some questions so that next time I want to get people on the boat, to the hotel etc, I will be able to without too much drama. There is 3 weeks of this...don't fear, I only get half pay, so won't be raking in the cash for doing not much.

So, I left Bangkok on Friday night on the overnight train to Chang Mai (20 April), went on an elephant ride (got to sit behind his head and 'drive') and bamboo rafting Tom Sawyer style down some creek. OK, so I fell in after I was trying to be smart and push the raft along, so I am now sporting some cuts and bruises from trying to hang onto the raft when I could have stood up in the water and run faster to catch it!

Then we all had a massage in a prison (as you do), I wasn't asking what she was in for, but she seemed sweet enough.

From there we crossed into Laos and got on a big long boat for a 2 day 'cruise' down the Mekong to Luang Prabang. I use cruise loosely here, the seats were hard thin wooden benches with hard cushions, there was no drinks or food service and there was an area at the back of the boat for laying on the floor. The family lives on the boat and apart from tourists, also takes on locals. I guess they cart produce if there is no tourists. We stopped to buy fish from the locals and to have a swim, not sure this was a wise move in the Mekong.

We also stopped at caves called Pak Ou that have thousands of Bhudda images in varying sizes. Now having a couple days in Luang Prabang, off to a waterfall tomorrow. Last night we saw the washing of the Bhudda ceremony which was ok, but the accompanying side show was a bit strange...and my ability to throw darts at balloons sux, but I got some lollies for my effort.


At 12:14 pm, Blogger Sheena said...

Hi Rosie, good to read your blog. We have arrived in Nong Khai 1/5/06 and will be heading to Vientiane tomorrow, so let us know if you are still in the area?! Would be great to catch up.

Sheena and Ben.


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