Tuesday, April 25, 2006

It is the little things that amuse me

  • I had a hair cut the other day in Siagon (it's ok it is normal...for the moment anyway). So big deal I hear you say...the hairdresser had a tool belt like he was going off to be a carpenter, proceeded to be dramatic about cutting my hair and all the while 3 people stood around and watched him, like they had never seen a westerner get a haircut before. At least it was some entertainment for them and all this for $US3!
  • The traffic here is crazy, they have rules, it is just that no-one seems interested in keeping to them. They leave a driveway without looking at oncoming traffic, don't stop at the pedestrian crossings, which I am convinced were only painted to provide employment and sometimes stop at a red light, otherwise, they just keep going. In Cambodia, you can be fined for driving with your headlights on during the day...but no-one seems to care if at night you drive WITHOUT them on.
  • I got hit by a bike last week in Viet Nam. Luckily only clipped my elbow and toes. Silly me, I was looking at the traffic coming towards me and didn't think to check if a person was riding on the wrong side of the road before stepping out! One second later and it could have been a bit more dramatic. They ride/drive on both sides of the road it doesn't seem to matter, so when I did it this morning (25/4/06) by accident on the pushbike, I wasn't too concerned, I figured they would go around me.


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