Monday, March 05, 2007

Happy Holi Festival

March 4th was Holi Festival in India. The festival is to celebrate the end of winter, and goes for a few days. It culminates in a strange day where we got to throw coloured powder all over people and rub it all over faces, hair and clothes. I even got a cow...mmm..wonder if I will go to hell for that? People celebrated all over India and nothing was open, even the restuarants.

We hung out like a bunch of louts on a corner with some friends of our Indian Leader and they had a big sound system, so dancing was involved. One of the Indian men produced some bottles of local rum, so we may have had one too many of those. After about 3 hours of festivities we were advised to take refuge in the hotel as the local lads would be riding around drunk on their motorbikes and could be dangerous for tourists. So we retreated with some guys from our group to sit by the lake near here and chill out.

I still have pink dye inside my ear that won't come off and some on my foot! One couple have had their grey hair changed to multi-coloured.


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