Monday, February 19, 2007

Golden Temple & strange one

We then moved to a town called Amristrara, or something like that. They have this Sihk Temple, it is big and it is gold. We went in the evening to see the ceremony of putting the book to bed. I am not sure I get this religion, they are sort of Hindu I think, and they say it is more a philosphopy then a religion. So they don't worship a deity, they have a holy book that they treat as a person. In the morning they take it from bed in a procession, then all day someone fans it while someone else reads aloud from it and then at night they have another procession to put it back to bed. We helped to put it to bed, saw it off and made sure it was cosy under the blanket, us and the other 1000 or so people there. We went again in the day time and there was literally hundreds of people standing in line to see the book and people having a dip in the big pool for cleansing their sins.

We also also went to this temple which I swear is the weirdest one I have ever been in. It is dedicated to a 20th century lady saint. It is said that she had some special connection with the gods. Inside the temple, we followed a path through tunnels, caves, water, rooms full of mirror mosiacs and lots of statues of deities. To make you understand, we all compared it to a fun house at an amusement park, like Luna Park, we were expecting the mirrors that make us look skinny! I even go an orange stripe painted on my forehead, so I looked like I knew what I was doing.


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