Monday, December 18, 2006


Christmas in Asia is a rather low key affair seeing as most of them are Buddhist. Our hotel in Hoi An has put in a fine effort for the foreigners though with a large decorated tree and tinsel on the banisters. Vietnam has 10% Catholics, so we manage to get some here.

I bought a small Santa doll that is awarded to a passenger for doing something silly for the day. I have it at the moment as I was judged to have gone home from the pub too early the other night. As I stayed in last night, there is no-one admitting to an offence so I still have him. So Santa and I (wearing my red Christmas hat) are seated in a cafe having lunch and tea. This has greatly amused the staff anyway. The rain has started again, so now I am wishing that I brought my jumper as I am cold.
The waitress likes my blog I think.
So I will be in Cambodia, looking around the temples on Christmas Day. I am thinking of making the pax get up for maybe not!
New Year is in Bangkok, but they have me working on NY Day. Not happy about that!


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