Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The beach in Thailand

Ok, so I have been a bit on the slack side in keeping up the entries, but in my defence I have been doing the same loop repeatedly, and well...I figure that you don't want to hear about the tiger...again! So I won't go there.

I did however, grab a couple of other chicks from the BKK office and force them to come with me to Hua Hin, which is a beach place 3 hours in the bus from BKK. It was made famous after the Royal Family (the Thai one that is) decided that it would be a great place for a holiday house, and Thais being Thais (ie they love their King so much) it has become a favourite beach place now.

So the journey on the air-con bus was pleasant, Thai buses are great. Upon arrival we had the usual banter with the tuk-tuk and taxi people about the ridiculous price they wanted for the short trip. So being the Intrepid Leaders that we are, we laughed at them and decided to walk...in the 34 C heat of course. A short stop at a German Bakery, no shortage of European places in this town, yielded a coupled of maps and a cold drink. Then the Tourist Info place was surprisingly helpful and sent us off in search of some digs.

I have to say, the whole backpacker thing was coming back to us. Getting 3 beds is a challenge in any place, but add in the requirement that we want to be near the beach and have a pool (that was Jane not me), it made our choices limited. Anyway, it only took us 6 stops before we found one we liked and before Kym was going to kill us for not making a decision.

So in we settled for 3 days of beaching. Now laying on the beach in the sun for hours on end is not my thing, especially when it is over 30 C, but it seemed quite popular with the Swedes, Germans, French etc who were intent on getting a cooked lobster type tan. I can only laugh, except that in my smugness of being an Aussie who knows about factor 30 sunscreen, a rashie and shade, I still managed to get burnt. Go figure. So, I am pleased to tell you that I caught up on some not so recent celebrity gossip in some mag that Jane found in the office and we swam alot and ate some great food. Oh, there may have been some red wine and cheese consumed in there somewhere. The evenings were filled with 10 pin bowling and a movie, all very civilised.

One the last day, I took Kym on a not so scary motorbike adventure. We found a temple on a hill, complete with nuns trying to make us cough up money to buy bananas for the monkeys...we didn't fall for that, some more beach, another temple on a hill and the biggest bhudda statue I think I have ever seen.

So we returned relaxed and tanned from our little beach jaunt.


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