Monday, October 23, 2006

My birthday

Well another one bites the dust. On my birthday I was in Ho Chi Minh city in Vietnam. I finished a trip the day before, so it was perfect for me. My pax bought me a bottle of Aussie red wine to celebrate. Then I found my Melbourne Operations Manager in the local office, so she offered to join me for dinner. So I chose the buffet at the Duxton hotel, very nice rack of lamb, well, if you can call one cutlet a rack! I had to order 3 more and the guy was horrified. The only thing missing was roast vegies. We had a bottle of red wine to wash it down and the best thing is that the boss paid!

I got lots of emails and cards, so it was a great day.

I am back in BKK now getting ready to go loopy again on 25/10 for another 29 day trip. Then I have 6 days off and do it all again, which means that I will be in Siem Reap in Cambodia for Christmas. My, hasn't this year gone quickly.

This is me at Angkor Wat last week.


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