Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Sorry, I know my posts are all over the place, and I had great intentions of doing more on my days off, but you know, laying around watching movies was more appealing than sitting in front of the computer.

I tried to do photos, but internet doesn't like me today.

So New Year I spent in BKK. We went to a party at Ben's house, which was great, but I think someone put too much alcohol in the punch! About 11pm, we went out to Khao San Rd, which is where all the backpackers hang out. We stood outside the Irish bar in a big throng and cheered when we thought it was midnight. This happened at least twice! Then we wandered off and found a girl break dancing in a shop, she was entertaining for about 15 mins and then more aimless wandering and I ended up going home about 3 am.

Needless to say...NY day was spent laying in bed trying to recover. Didn't see anyone else much either, we were all doing the same thing, except Kym, who was all bright and chirpy! Rotten thing doesn't get hangovers!

Oh, and didn't even know about the bombs until another leader told me because her Mum had called to check on her!


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