Friday, September 19, 2008

Olympics pool and stadium

So ok, I missed the Olympics but a close margin arriving as the closing ceremony was on.

I did however go off to see the stadium and the water cube. Couldn't get in of course as it was in lock down for the paralmypics, but the venues from the outside were amazing. The cube is awesome.

I got some photos with blue sky behind so it looks like a big pile of blue bubbles. Really cool. The stadium really does look likes a bird's nest.

We tried to get tickets for the opening ceremony of the paras, but they were sold out. It is pleasing to see that the Chinese embraced that as well and were lining up at the ticket office for ages. There was also heaps of Chinese out sightseeing like we were, so it was still a great atmosphere.

I also had 3 chinese lessons while I was in Beijing and after that was able to tell the taxi drivers where I lived, so I was pretty chuffed about that.

I really like Beijing and think I could live there if I had an ex-pat type job because like all these Asian cities, it is great if you have good accommodation and the money to spend at nice restaurants and bars.

I even found an Aussie bar so I could watch the first round of the AFL finals and Sydney beat Kangaroos, which was great.


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