Saturday, September 06, 2008

Safely out of Mongolia

I finally left Mongolia after completing 3 laps of the middle part, didn't even get to the western or eastern fringes. I travelled about 10,000km in a russian 4WD van that resembles a Kombi. It was not comfortable and now I have a sore back.

This is a pick of one of the guides Zobs, with one of our many flat tyres.

I managed to escape the clutches of the weird Sharmanistic reindeer lady. I didn't visit them guide wouldn't let me, so I had a nice day sitting around camp reading and going for a walk by the lake instead.

Here is a pic of the dude...ok not so attractive!

I left Mongolia on the day that they won their second gold medal and second silver medal. The people took to the streets in their cars and drove around hanging out the windows and yelling and waving the flag and beeping the horn. It was great to see such celebrations.

The week before the judo man won their first ever gold medal, and he has become a national hero. The private companies were competing to reward him and last I heard he had been given 5 houses, a car, a year's worth of petrol and cash as well. They told me it was about $7 million USD worth. Amazing!


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