Thursday, May 29, 2008

Not married in Pakistan

Well I am safely back in Beijing. My biggest worry in Pakistan was that my boss seemed willing to marry me off to some Pakistani truck driver. I don't think she was even going to demand a dowry for me! How rude, ok he had a nice truck, but the man himself was no Tom Cruise.

It was a weird place, we started having a spot the woman competition as we drove through towns, and even during the day it was hard to win. At night there was no chance, in one town we were the only women on the street after dark, lucky our guide is male or we may have been challenged. Some places were just plain weird, the men would stare at us, if there was an Olympic sport in staring, they would win.

I had to cover up, sometimes even my head...but I couldn't the hang of the scarf thing, don't know how they wear it and it doesn't fall off. So even on 40 Celsius days it was long pants and long shirt. Though luckily as we got north it got colder.

The scenery was sensational up north, mountains, snow, desert, a lake even and loads of glaciers. We did a trek up a hill to look at a glacier and camp. Nice when we got there, the trek up was hard though, lots of loose rocks. The boss was very slow so the 2.5 hours walk took 6.5 hours. Only we could set a new record on that.

When I figure out how to make the photos smaller I will put some up.


At 8:40 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Always to sides to a story and my story is I had to drag Rosemary out of that truck kicking and screaming - seems she found her girlie side in Pakistan and was all over the truck drivers. They all thought she was married to someone called 'oh arh Glen McGraw ????' Little does she know I got 50 rupees and 2 goats for her - very generous deal I thought.


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