Sunday, February 17, 2008

New job

I am not very good at this updating the blog thing am I?

So my big news is that I left Intrepid and now work for GAP Adventures. They are a Canadian company, so lots of Canadian pax who hopefully will tip big! I have to pay for Antartica somehow!

Why did I change? Well, I actually resigned from Intrepid and was planning on going home. I resigned because I thought that 2 years of dragging pax around SE Asia, and living in hotels was really enough, especially as I kept doing the same thing. Honestly, there is only so many times that you can go to Vientiane (capital of Laos) before you are bored to tears.

Anyway, leaders chat as they do, so I ended up chatting with the Manager at GAP, an ex-Intrepid leader as it happens, and she said she could arrange for me to go to Tibet. So, not having actually been to Tibet and the challenge of leading 15 people around was too much to resist, so I signed up. I hope I can manage. Well it is only until the end of October anyway, as I have to go to Antartica and South America with a few of my Wollongong mates in November. Yes...have to go...I promised Conny 5 years ago I would save enough money so we could celebrate her 40th birthday there. (Sorry Conny - giving away your age now!)

So here I am in Laos for the last time. I will say goodbye to my favourite tiger today, remember the one at the waterfall? Sometime in March I will be sent to Beijing and told to cope with the trips to Tibet! Wish me luck.

Oh and they have some stupid rule here that friends and family can't join me on a trip, so don't plan on coming to Tibet in the next 6 months, and there are no discounts either. Mmmm, why did I change companies again?


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