Monday, October 15, 2007

Motorbike helmet

I just had an adventure today trying to buy a helmet to take to Bhutan. I had seen the motorbike shops when I was on the bus going home one day, so figured I just needed to take the same bus number in the opposite direction to get there. What didn't occur to me was that the bus was going down a one-way street, so of course going the other way does not go on the same street!

So I ended up at MBK which is the shopping centre I go to for movies and clothes. Then I had to get on a bus going back and eventually found the shops. Then the first shop pointed me at the helmets and said pick one. Who knew Thai people have big heads, they didn't have small, in anything. Next shop same thing, but even less service.

3rd shop - finally someone who spoke English, but same thing, go pick one. So I ended up with this nice black open face helmet, that probably won't pass Australian standards, but it was the only one I could get that would fit my head!


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