Thursday, September 13, 2007

My accent

Now you'd think that one of you would have pointed out that I have a rather broad accent! My pax keep telling me, especially those Brits and the poor German and Japanese girls have no idea.

But the whole accent was brought to reality to me when I was on a car ferry in Cambodia. I decided to help these young girls with their English. They had a little book they could 'read' but it was obvious that they were parroting, days of the week, months etc.

So we started on months and they were saying September, Octember, November, December.

So I tried to explain that it was October not Octember. Repeat after me...October.

Ouck -toe - ba came back at me in the broadest Aussie accent. I stared at them in bewilderment and thought, Oh my Buddha, do I really sound like that? Apparently I do. Luckily the ferry landed so I could escape back to the bus and ponder what I sound like to Cambodians.

So I guess I shouldn't take a job teaching English then!


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