Monday, July 16, 2007

Rules of the Kampot Questhouse

  1. Please, leave your keyroom in reception, when you are away for a while
  2. Drugs abuses and gambling are not allowed
  3. It is prohibited to bring in all kind of explosives, drugs and poisonous substances
  4. It is not allowed either to cook or use an iron
  5. It is not allowed to use the loud media or to have terrible quarrel. Terrible rows to bother the next rooms
  6. Guests will be charged for any damage or loss of the guest house property if it even happens
  7. To guard against any loss of your precious belongings, including jewelry and money, you better leave them to our responsible staff memebres for safe keeping
  8. Please, contact with us all sort of service of work women and in reception
  9. You may arrange vehicle along way as just go to the reception


At 1:20 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey gorgeous, its been awhile i know but I've been busy moving in with my boyfriend!! I know...this is going to need a bit more of an email to explain and catch up! Or better still a phone call. I miss you tons. Think of you all the tinme just not get the net at the mo so difficult to keep in touch. LOve you and speak soon, Janie xx


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