Saturday, June 16, 2007

Another one bites the dust

Yep, managed to get through this trip without throwing anyone under a bus, mind you I came close a few times! If I hear anyone complain about squat toilets, rank food, air-conditioning or smelly bathrooms in the next week I am sure I will give them a hard time. I don't know if these pax realise that we are actually in Asia and not Europe!

Today my former housemate (I was going to write old but I think she would hit me) Heather from Canberra arrives for some exploring. We will be in BKK for a few days and then head to Cambodia, where she gets to join me on a trip I have never done. Can't wait to take 10 people around and pretend I know what I am doing!

Then after that, I get to do a cycling trip, now that is hilarious. I am so unfit and it is sooo hot here, I expect to have a hard time off it. Maybe I will lose some of this weight I have picked up.

For you worriers out there, the Thailand bombs are down south and not anywhere near where I hang out in BKK.

Keep up the emails, I appreciate them. This is a pic of me at Cambodian New Year, they throw talcum powder all over you there, it was loads of fun. Notice the hair too, but got it cut shorter last week, was looking tacky.


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