Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Phnom Phen wildlife park

May 7th - I went with Tracy a western leader and her khmer husband and his brother to a wildlife park about an hour from PP. It was good, but the animals are not in great condition and the cages are too small, but most of them have been rescued from poachers or from people who had them as pets, so they are better off where they are.

Then we went to the brothers god-mothers house (can't figure how that works as they are bhuddist) and they gave the lady some money and she cooked us lunch. We got fresh chicken, and I mean fresh, Tracy reckons she saw the blood!, fish from the market, and mango salsa
and rice. It was good. Can you imagine one person you know rocking up to your house at 2pm, with 3 strangers and saying, 'can you make us some lunch?' This is what the people do here, and it took 1.5 hours, because she had to go to the market and kill the chicken, but it was good.

Then we went off to a temple on a hill, it was built 100 years before angkor wat, so it was good, and a great view over the countryside.

We didn't get back to 7.30. Oh and I burnt my leg on the exhaust pipe on the bike I have a nice blister now.


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