Friday, March 30, 2007

Touring in Thailand

Once back in Thailand Jo & I were joined by Conny & Geoff for a short holiday in Thailand. We checked out BKK for 3 days before sending Jo back off to Sydney and then headed out to Kanchanaburi to see the Death Railway, Hellfire Pass, and some waterfalls in a national park. The waterfalls were not really pumping though as it is dry season. From there we did the backpacker thing, taking 2 public buses to get to Ayuttaya which has some ruins similar to the ones that I see in Cambodia. We hired bicycles and toured around the ruins, but it was really hot and we had to keep hiding in the shade. One of the temples has a head of a Buddha statue encased in the roots of a tree.

Eventually I had to bid farewell to my friends and get back to my real life …working while traveling! And not having to decide where we are going to stay tonight.


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