Monday, April 09, 2007

New adventure

Well, this trip is about to finish, 18 days Cambodia and Laos, my first one. I have taken 2 men around and I told them I hadn't been to most of the places, so I am reading out the instructions as we go.

One day I got one of the Steve's (2 pax both called Steve, can you believe?) and off we went to get the plane tickets. He said that it was like 'The Amazing Race', we get the clues and then have to go solve the puzzle. They have been great about it, and we have explored together. Much easier than if I had 12 people tagging along asking questions I can't answer, like where is the money exchange.

This trip has been more of a holiday than working. We have been to see the rare Irrawaddy river dolphins, trekking, cycling and kayaking. It has been loads of fun. The south of Laos is really beautiful and they grow coffee there along with the northern part of Cambodia. So I am really chuffed to see something different.

Tuesday night we are on the train back to Bangkok and Thursday morning I fly to Ho Chi Minh City to start another trip. This one will be real work though -12 pax! Will also mean that there will be nothing to put on the blog for a while.


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