Friday, March 30, 2007

New trip

I am very excited, I have finally had a change of trips. This one I am doing now goes to places in Cambodia and Laos that I have not been to before. It is 18 days with the first 6 being same same, but tomorrow (Saturday) I am heading off into the great unknown. My whole 2 pax – both called Steve – know that I am making it up as I go along, so they are pretty patient with me. I am looking forward to seeing some new stuff. I will even get to go tubing and kayaking and cycling. That is if there is water as it is dry season and we can’t even take the boat on Sunday as the water level is too low.

I had my first hiccup yesterday when the pick-up to take us to the bus station didn’t arrive, so I piled us into a tuk-tuk. Then when I found the bus, they told me that the company had booked tickets to the wrong town. Oh yippee, luckily they found some seats for us on the bus that we were supposed to be on, but I think the poor kid near me lost his seat and had to sit with his grandma.

I will be back in Cambodia next month for New Year. I was here last year, and you may remember that I was dancing in the streets. I think we can expect a repeat performance this year, but sadly I will miss the world's biggest water fight that happens in Thailand.

Oh, by the way, my wallet found it's way back to me. Seems I just misplaced it in a bag I gave to a friend in Laos. Luckily, I got it all back licence and all, yippee.


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