Monday, May 21, 2007

Summary of my trips

I am doing this with the website in Thai, it is very weird!

As hard to believe as it is, I have been in Asia for 15 months now, which in contract terms means that I have only 3 months to go. How that time has flown, it is hard to believe, it seems like only last week I arrived here! At the moment I am in negotiations, (but how do you ‘negotiate’ when the employer has all the power – thanks John Howard!) to extend my contract probably for another 6 months, taking me to Feb 08. After that, who knows, it is too much like making a decision!

I thought that you might be interested in some statistical analysis of what I have been up to for the last year. I bet that most of you think that I just travel around the countryside having a good time, which is kind of true, but I also have to actually do some work in this time and make sure that the punters are getting their money’s worth, and sometimes even more because they somehow forget that they have booked on a budget trip, so want champagne treatment for their beer budget.

Number of trips = 20 (includes 2 training trips)
Number of passengers = 157 - 37% male, 63% female. No surprise there as many women prefer to travel in the safety of a group.

I am still trying to do age analysis, I need someone who can use Excel better than me to help me. (Dean?)

Aust 32% NZ 11% Brit 30% Canada 5% USA 8% Irish 6% Other 8%

Other is made up of Japanese, Norwegian, Finish, Italian, French, Swedish and some others I forget. Number that I would like to forget approximately 15.

Short trips BKK to Saigon or return = 11
29 day loop = 7
Short trip Cambodia & Laos or Cambodia only = 2

So that means I have been to:
Angkor Wat 20 times (I went with my friends in 2004 as well)
Halong Bay, Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Hoi An, Hai Van Pass, motorbike trip in Hue - all 7 times
Motorbike ride up to Sam Mountain in Chau Doc – 9 times!
Laos 8 times
Saigon 18 times
BKK – lost count
Homestay 6 times (one got washed out remember when the bridge collapsed)

Flights on trips 36 (plus loads more to and from trips and then there was Borneo and India as well!)

Passport pages used 42! My new 64 page passport only has 36 pages left after 11 months!
Currencies I carry around = 5
USD, Cambodian Reil, Laos Kip, Vietnam Dong, Thai Baht.


At 4:22 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi rosemary how r you its me Rob mollica just wanted to say looks like your really haveing the time of your life over there well i really hope you r anyway you take care ok and i will catch up with you when you get back . take care

At 2:35 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey the stats - how long did it take to pull them out of your %$&#??? what about % nights sober? % nights that you thought you were sober? nights that you really can't remember?? come on now OF give us the REAL stats ;)...guess i'll have to just come on over to keep you sober hey..he he...


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