Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Bamboo train

I love trains and this one is really cool. The train is assembled while you wait and consists of 2 sets of bogies (I think that is the right word) being placed on the tracks and then the base of the train which is made from bamboo is set on top. It is about 3 metres long and about 1.5 m wide. There is a little petrol engine attached at the back. You load up your cargo, in our case, our motorbikes, and then us, it off it goes. It gets up quite a speed, must have hit about 60km/hr at one stage. We rushed through the rice fields and the corn fields and I had to stand up to see over the vegetation.

If you meet an oncoming train one has to get off by disassembling their train, and let the other pass. I think we won as there was more of us than the one coming the other way.

We traveled about 10km I guess and when we got to the road again, they stopped the train, unloaded us, picked up the base, turned it to face the other direction and headed back! Completely awesome and everyone loved it.


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