Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Cambodia tripping

I just finished a 15 day tour of Cambodia where I got to towns that I have not been to before. A bit more of the ‘Amazing Race’ stuff as I had to try and figure out based on the times that I was given what town we were in and if it was time to get off the bus.

Heather, from Canberra, came along on this trip, and together we explored many new things. I decided that I needed to check out the Cambodian beaches before I took people there, so off we went to Sihanoukville on the south west coast for a few days. We explored on these awesome electric biycles, certainly made going uphill a lot easier. The top speed is about 25km/hour, but it was great fun. We got to see another beach down as it was quick to get there. It also meant that we got away from all the people trying to sell us something, mostly bracelets, apparently every tourist needs a bracelet collection.

When we picked up the group we headed north west to Battambang where we did a countryside motorcycle tour. We saw how they make fish paste, trust me, not a job you want as it involves being wrist deep in disgusting munched up fish! Making rice noodles was interesting as was rice paper, the round ones they use for fresh rice paper rolls.

Also took in a cooking course here. Not that I get to cook very often, but is was fun and now I can make some Cambodian food, if I ever get a house to live in with a kitchen!

Then off to the temples, down to a place called Kampong Chan where we hired bicycles and rode to an island via a very funky bamboo bridge, that will be washed away as soon as the river rises with the rain.

Down to Kampot and finally back to the beach, it was a fun loop.



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