Monday, July 16, 2007

Tour de Cambodge

Day 6 - about 35km

Strange day today, we didn't have a cycling guide, only a temple guide. So after about 10km we made him get in the bus because he was too slow and too fat. No-one had a map, so one lady who was running the show got a bit pissed off with me as I couldn't show her how far it was between temples. We ended up riding about 35km to a beautiful temple called the Ladies Citadel (Banteay Srei) and then we loaded the bikes on the bus and did the rest of the day on the bus.

Day 7 - Maybe 10km

We drove to Angkor Wat, as it was dark...we go there for sunrise. After breakfast we got on the bikes and headed out to Angkor Thom for a visit, and then onto Preah Khan and Neak Pean, before the lady decided that she was too sick to continue cycling, so we all took the bus. (These temple names will only mean something to this of you who have been there - otherwise, just nod your head and say...yeah Rosemary, understand completely!)

So that was the end of the cycling adventure. I had a great time and have asked to do it all again sometime soon I hope.

My bruise acquired from the fall on day 1 is fading, and the grazes have healed nicely! I have no photos as my camera is being fixed!

Now I am still in Siem Reap and heading off to BKK on 18 July for a comfort trip...what a contrast!


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