Monday, July 16, 2007

Bokor Mountain

In Cambodia there is a place called Bokor Mountain. Early in the century the French built a resort on top of the mountain. It included a casino, a hotel, a church and various other buildings. There was rumour that they closed it because the people who lost at the casino were throwing themselves over the cliff.

It was abandoned for a while and then revived before falling victim to the Khmer Rouge who decided to make it their base. Now it is a ruin, and quite interesting to visit. It is eerie in the rain and mist.

To get there is a 2 hour epic in the back of a ute. The road is very bumpy, washed away in places and hugs the side of a cliff in others. If you go too fast you could end up over the side. It was raining when we went so we bought all these colourful raincoats to keep sort of dry.

We did a small walk through the bush which was interesting.


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