Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Motorbiking around Siem Reap

7 Aug 07 - I went on a dirt bike tour around the countryside near Siem Reap in Cambodia. The beauty of this was that I got to places that I would never otherwise have seen. The villages out in the back blocks and the people. Mind you, I was so busy trying to stay on the bike that I didn't see that much scenery.

To start me off I had to prove I could ride the bike by doing a couple of laps around the house of the owner. Then we were off. I have limited off-road experience, so I was cautious, especially in the mud. After I got my confidence up though, I was in there, playing in the puddles and zooming through the inches of mud. Ok, I did fall off once, but there was no injury, not even to my ego. Normally I do this sort of thing on a bicycle, but it was loads of fun.

We stopped to see rice planting, (like I haven't seen that before!), some leather carving and a couple of temples. One was called Beng Melea and is in a state of ruin, but I like those temples the best.

Then we road up this really rocky road and came to a place where these giant carvings are on some rocks. Really big WOW factor there.

I stuck some photos on Flickr, so click on the link on the right to check them out.


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