Thursday, September 13, 2007

Free internet - Cambodian street kid style

There is nothing like free internet, for hours of mindless fun or answering your millions of emails or doing work. Love it.

Apparently one of my street kid boys loves it too and has discovered a way to get it. I was innocently sitting in an internet place in Phnom Phen, working I might add, when my street kid lad, who sells books, lobs in. He says 'Hi Guide', which I have had to learn to listen out for in PP, amongst all the 'hello lady tuk-tuk' calls, which I diligently ignore.

'Hi kid' (really wish I could remember his name, but they are all hard Cambodian names, like Sok Khean, and Sok Khen, and Phallin, how can I remember?), 'how are you?' 'Fine thanks'.

Then he promptly puts his books down, pulls up a chair, pushes me aside and commandeers my computer. He then proceeded to play games.

Have to love his gile eh?


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