Monday, October 15, 2007

My next holiday

Yes, Ken, I know you think I am on a permanent holiday...

I am off on 17 Oct for Kathmandu in Nepal, where I will meet 9 other adventure seekers. We will then go to India and collect Royal Enfield motorbikes and ride around India for a bit and then into Bhutan, do a loop there and back to India. We somehow end up in Kolkata, where I fly from there to Sydney (via Bangkok).

If you don't know where Bhutan is, Google it, or go look in an atlas.

I am going now because next year the King is turning the country from an absolute monarchy into a democracy. This year they had a practice vote, because the people don't know how to vote! Next year all the tourists rules are likely to change too, at the moment, people can only visit on an organised tour.

Should be a great time, will even get cold, so I have to go shopping for some long pants tomorrow.


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