Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Nepal and India

Ok, I got to Kathmandu safely, and did some sightseeing with the group, temples, a place where people are cremated, the biggest stupa in Nepal and a market square called Durbar Square.

Of course the highlight has been the flight over Everest. The whole mountain range is awesome, the snow the glaciers, it was...well words evade me.

Then we crossed to India and got the motorbikes. I have a Royal Enfield 350. I can touch the ground which is awesome. The roads are shocking, after wet season there are many potholes, but at least it is tarred of sorts, unlike Cambodia. We drove about 75km the first day from Siriguli to Darjeeling. The road winds up a hill and has about 100 crossings over the toy train tracks. It is kinda tricky. I got a sore back from bouncing around so much.

The trickiest thing is the bike itself. The gears and the foot brake are reversed, so when I want to change gears I am braking and when I want to stop I am getting nothing as the gear lever doesn't connect to the brake.

We drove past tea plantations and lots of people. I had to dodge rickshaws, people, cars, trucks, buses, dogs, chickens and of course cows!

Darjeeling is the place of tea fame, loads of tea here, which is just as well as it is too cold for beer. (And beer is expensive here, well compared to Laos, the best beer in Asia - sorry I digress)

Now we have to ride back down some of the way tomorrow before heading left to Bhutan...finally.

I am going now the internet keeps crashing.


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