Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Hong Kong - it was AWESOME!

I went to Disneyland with 5 pax after we finished our random not the Tibet trip. We had soooo much fun, played around like 8 yo kids, we were pushing each other out of the way, running for the rides, eating junk food and screaming on the roller coaster (6 times).

The fun started when we got to the train station and the Disney train was there and had Mickey Mouse head windows. I got pushed out of the way by Trina from Canada as she made the dash for the train. It was very funny.

I ate this weird pie that had spag bol inside and mash potato on top. Sounds yukky but was actually good. There was no dagwood dog, so that was disappointing.

I got to shake hands with Doc (7 dwarfs) and Pluto, though that was a little confusing cause someone in the group kept calling him Goofy - so then we were not actually sure which one it was.

I was surprised that they managed to round up some white women to play the parts of Snow White and Cinderella. I was fully expecting Asian versions.

Space Mountain was the best - 6 times - this is a roller coaster in the dark. Only disappointment was that there was no major drop. After 4 times the boys started getting silly and pretending to be sleeping when we went past the camera, or on one we were reading. Check out Flikr for the photos.


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