Friday, May 09, 2008


If you haven't been to Asia, you need to be aware of the following road rules when you come:
  • Lines are only painted on the road to give someone a job pedestrian crossings, lane markings, stop lines etc
  • If 3 lanes are marked it is ok to make 4 or 5 or sometimes 6
  • If wearing a motorbike helmet it is not necessary to actually pull it over your head, you can wear it with the chin guard on your forehead, or better still on your wrist cause that is a place that often gets injured in a fall.
  • Don't stop at a pedestrian crossing, in fact, speed up and hold your hand on the horn to let the person know you are about to hit them
  • Riding a motorcycle and talking to texting on your mobile is perfectly fine
  • One way streets only apply to foreigners - refer my experience when I got arrested in VN.
  • Red lights - pretty colours those ones....
  • Stop signs - apparently written in a foreign language that nobody in the whole country can read
  • The bigger your vehicle the louder your horn
  • Don't yell at people, this is Asia, go with the flow
  • In India - don't hit a holy cow!
  • Parking is allowed anywhere, but preferably on the footpath so that you can cause maximum distruption to people trying to walk
  • Driving really slow in the fast lane is ok as long as you move a little when a big truck comes


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